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IT Server Room Dust Reduction Systems

Modern computers are based on powerful semiconductor devices which need to dissipate the heat generated in a clean atmosphere to ensure they can continue to operate correctly within recommended tolerances and at their full capacity.

Technickon provide dust control systems to prevent the build up of airborne contamination on the server heat sinks that in turn can cause failure of the servers due to over heating - resulting in costly instability and down time.
The cooling effect required relies on a heat exchange process between the CPU heat sink and the air forced over it by the cooling fan, known as forced air cooling. The inherent design of the heat sink in providing increased surface area and thus maximise heat exchange, causes it to trap dust, hair and other airborne particles, this in turn reduces the airflow and prevents efficient heat exchange and can then lead to overheating of the semiconductor device resulting in slow operation or failure.

Technickon can design and supply air filtration systems to remove almost all airborne particles from the air surrounding the servers and prevent dust build up on the cooling fins. Our designs also provide a slight positive pressure to maintain a clean environment within the IT server room by preventing dirty air entering the room. Preventing airborne dust from entering and collecting in the server room will ensure server maintenance downtime is reduced to the minimum. Keeping semiconductors cool is key to maintaining server and computer operation.

Technickon design and supply DX (refrigerated) cooling systems to provided lower ambient temperatures to increase the heat exchange process, or where the density of IT equipment is higher. We can also incorporate “ free cooling” systems that use low temperature outside air for cooling (when available) and switch to DX cooling when required, reducing running costs.

All of these systems can have standby back-up facilities and also failure alarm systems and text message alert facilities.

We also manufacture freestanding clean air modules comprising of filters, circulation fan and controls and a positive pressure duct connection for easy installation into existing server rooms.

Technickon can also supply and install modular insulated pre-finished panels for building the server room walls and ceilings including all windows, doors and raised floors.

  • IT server room dust reduction and prevention
  • Preventing dust build up on semi conductor heat sink devices
  • DX cooling systems for IT server rooms
  • Automatic control and alarm systems for IT server room temperature control
  • IT server room free cooling with automatic changeover to DX on ambient temperature rise.
  • Complete design and supply of server room enclosure


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