How to prepare for a cleanroom installation at your workplace

If you run a company and plan to add a cleanroom at your premises, then you have to prepare accordingly. No two cleanrooms are the same, so you will need to consider your requirements thoroughly before choosing the right model. You’ll also want to be sure that your employees are appropriately prepared to begin work in … Read more

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Preventative maintenance for HVAC systems

Preventative maintenance is extremely important if you want to prevent or reduce lost time due to HVAC break downs. Many new clients who contact us with an operational problem often over look the requirement of preventative maintenance and simply run the HVAC system until something breaks (reactive maintenance). It always amazes us how critical it is to get … Read more

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Air Showers – how effective?

We have installed air showers for our Clients to comply with requests from the their Clients based in Japan and the far east. Air showers are not something often used in the UK and we question the effectiveness of the air shower. Recently we visited a Client who required air showers to all four entry change … Read more

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Aseptic Compounding – reducing time

We have a large Client that provides aseptic compounding. This process if undertaken with a, ISO class 5 laminar flow cabinet. The speed of this process is derived by the amount of time it takes for the liquids to drain from the primary containers into the final product storage bag – we have been asked if … Read more

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