BAXTER engage with technickon to provide high level specialist cleanroom consultancy and maintenance management

BAXTER engage with technickon to provide high level specialist cleanroom consultancy and maintenance management

As the leader in the UK and a growing reputation across the globe as the leading specialist facility and cleanroom consulting engineers Baxter Healthcare have engaged with technickon to assist with a number of complex facility design issues in their manufacturing cleanrooms and to get assistance to reduce breakdowns and facility down time due to poor maintenance.

As a large pharmaceutical manufacturing company Baxter has had to rely on specialist cleanroom contractors and large facility maintenance companies to design and build and then to maintain some of their facilities.

Breakdowns, operational issues and manufacturing downtime has now become so extensive they have had to take drastic action to resolve the issues and thankfully technickon ltd were on hand to offer advice.

As a global leader with the design and management of specialist cleanrooms Baxter have engaged with technickon ltd to resolve and manage a number of key manufacturing facilities.



Nick Davis (CEO of technickon ltd) explains “The maintenance of these specialist facilities must be tailored and undertaken or at least managed by specialists or these issues will continue to happen, we are seeing a number of large pharmaceutical clients being tempted by large specialist maintenance contractors who dangle a large carrot with endless promises of expertise, but in the end the promises never come to fruition – you cant rely on a contractor that uses agency staff to maintain a McDonald’s one week to then service and resolve issues with complex licensed cleanroom facilities the next – specialists are required, due not just to response times but the knowledge to resolve issues quickly with minimal costs and staying well within acceptable guidelines for MHRA / FDA licenses – A one company fits all approach just doesn’t work”.


Working on the most complex and important facilities first we are now working over the next 3 years to follow a closely managed plan put forward by technickon to resolve these technical challenges.


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