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We are a specialist UK based engineering company serving many different types of clients operating in many different sectors.

Operating across the globe we provide bespoke and tailored specialist engineering services that provide clients with peace of mind when building new facilities, upgrading existing or resolving complex operational issues.

We operate in a unique class of our own and have engaged with many large companies to assist in project concepts, new builds and rectification works.

Many companies looking to build a new cleanroom often assume that by using a large specialist contractor they will receive the facility they require on time and on budget. Unfortunately and on many occasions we have to be called in to rectify a facility that either doesn’t work or doesn’t meet the user requirements.

When a critical design consideration is made by a specialist contractor during the tender period this will usually driven by their own requirements to win the project and maximise profits and not necessarily with your best interests in mind.

This could cause costly issues down the line once the contractor has left you with a facility that either doesn’t work correctly or doesn’t meet your user requirements.

The lure of a low price may be an attractive option but when tendering a new complex facility have you asked yourself the question “why are the prices so variable and some so low?” – don’t find out the hard and expensive way, we can guide, advise and manage the entire process or just the parts you need assistance with.

Benefit from hindsight – engage with technickon.


How can technickon help?


Technickon ltd are leaders in the design and project management for cleanrooms, controlled environments and containment laboratories for pharmaceutical manufacturing, component manufacturing, electronics and research establishments.

We can design any type of controlled environment that requires precise control to meet GMP and regulatory requirements.

If you are considering investing in a new cleanroom facility then contact us to discuss your new facility or cleanroom upgrade options.

Ensuring all of your requirements are captured at the concept stage can be a very confusing process, we can lead you all the way from concept to completion to ensure your facility is designed, installed, commissioned and validated to fully comply with regulations, standards and your URS (User Requirement Specification).

If you intend on tendering your new facility you must have a detailed performance specification to ensure you receive competitive prices, our cleanroom design package will provide you with a seamless tailored tendering process to ensure you get the best value for money and designed to suit your exact requirements.

If you have any operational issues with your current facility we can advise on the best solution to rectify these issues with minimal downtime and cost.

  • Containment Laboratories
  • Cleanroom Validation and Commissioning
  • Full Design and Project Management Service
  • ISO Cleanrooms
  • Cleanroom / Containment combinations
  • Environmentally Controlled Rooms
  • Close Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Cleanroom Engineering Services
  • Upgrades and Refurbishments
  • GMP Compliance
  • Cleanroom and Laboratory Rectification Works
  • Compliance  and Regulatory Issues

Call one of our engineers today to discuss your new project or existing cleanroom facility.