Pharmaceutical Cold Rooms

We design, build, maintain and validate many different types of walk in cold rooms for many different sectors.

All of our walk in cold rooms are bespoke using tried and tested equipment – If you have a requirement for a walk in cold room chances are we have built something similar in the past. Just let us know your requirement and we will assist in selecting or designing a suitable product.

Technickon ltd design and build walk in cold room and freezer rooms for critical product storage, pharmaceutical cold chain storage or testing applications.

We provide either cold rooms that operate at +5ºC or freezer rooms that operate at -18ºC or any temperatures from -18ºC up to +40ºC.

We can also control humidity, lighting, sound and cleanliness to ISO standards.

Our walk in rooms are designed to provide optimum control and are very different from a standard room used to chill or freeze food from an environmental control and room fabric finish perspective.

  • Close Control / No out of limit excursions due to defrost cycle
  • Temperature Mapped / Validated
  • Fully Qualified (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ)
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Cold Chain Storage
  • GMP Standard Rooms
  • Fast Design and Delivery
  • Low Cost High Quality / Stability Rooms
  • Upgrades to other manufacturers rooms that have failed validation

Call one of our engineers today to discuss your requirement.