What if a transfer hatch didn’t use a hinge?

One of our Clients approached us with a project to design and build an alternative transfer hatch design for their manufacturing facility in Manchester requiring replacement of 35 trolley hatches that were constantly failing causing manufacturing delays. We also had an idea of a rotating door – why not open the door into the upper … Read more

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Contec Prochlor Sanitisation Hood

We have recently designed, manufactured and validated 56No. extraction hoods to remove the fumes created by the use of Contec Prochlor (Hypochlorous Acid). The MHRA have recently insisted on using this spray prior to entry of the raw material into pharmaceutical compounding facilities. The hoods feature face protection from the spray and are constructed from … Read more

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Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets

We have recently designed, manufactured, installed and validated 20No. 1800mm wide 316L Stainless Steel Horizontal Laminar flow cabinets for a UK based pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The horizontal laminar flow units are constructed from 316 stainless steel to permit full wash down using common sanitation sprays. The units are fully built and tested in our UK … Read more

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Close Controlled Stability Room Humidifier

Our hands are tied when using industry available humidifiers for close humidity control of small rooms. The costs associated with these humidifiers often means the price exceeds Clients budgets for these rooms, and bulking equipment needs to be installed in plant rooms. Oversized resistance element humidifiers or ultrasonic humidifiers which carry contamination risks and regular … Read more

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Close Controlled Pharmaceutical Stability Freezer Room

technickon ltd have completed the installation and validation of a close controlled pharmaceutical freezer for a large pharmaceutical client using the room to store frozen product. The room has close controlled temperature and has no defrost spikes due to the set up and control of the refrigeration units and internal air mixing systems used by technickon. Following … Read more

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Consultants for Qiagen (Manchester)

technickon ltd have been appointed as cleanroom / containment room design and project management consultants for Qiagen based in Manchester (UK). We are assisting Qiagen with a new large laboratory facility design and build that will be used for a new business enterprise later in 2015. technickon has the following in house technical knowledge to assist … Read more

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Egg Incubator for vaccine research for Astra Zeneca

Medimmune (Astra Zeneca) were looking for a bespoke incubator solution for 4500 eggs stored on trolleys – incubating eggs used to cultivate vaccines. The rooms required close temperature and humidity control (32oC +/- 1oC and 70% +/- 5%) They approached leading incubator suppliers who informed them that it would not be possible because their standard … Read more

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Bespoke incubator heaters for Blood Products Laboratories

We were contacted by BPL following a fire caused by one of their incubator room heaters. The heaters were assessed as standard wall heaters used for domestic heating with minimal safety features. Due to the small space and requirement for monitored heaters with safety cut out features technickon engineers designed and tested a compact bespoke … Read more

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Cleanroom Disaster Recovery

When a severe freak rainstorm flooded an MHRA licensed facility in Derby the race was on to rectify the situation as soon as possible. The facility was handed back one day ahead of schedule and validated the next day allowing our Clients operations to commence immediately. We also used this down time to undertake some … Read more

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