Validated Walk In Incubator Rooms

We have recently handed over 6 fully validated walk in incubator rooms for a food testing company to incubate samples and petri dishes. The rooms were fully integrated into the adjacent laboratory with separate entry and exit doors. Due to the lack of wall space because either end of the room had doors fitted and … Read more

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Flu Vaccine Incubator Room

Did you know the flu vaccine is created inside an egg…? technickon design and build pharmaceutical egg incubators with precise temperature and humidity control for this purpose. We have recently designed a new incubator concept that features a cold phase cycle at the end of egg incubation. If you have the flu vaccine chances are … Read more

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CL2 Containment Lab / Cleanroom Hybrid

We have recently designed a containment laboratory / cleanroom for Qiagen in Manchester. The room was required for a new DNA amplification process being developed and escape of any replicated DNA from the area could contaminate the entire client site which would mean many other ongoing processes on site would be contaminated. We designed an … Read more

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Fukashima Nuclear Disaster Component Test Room

Following the disaster at the Nuclear plant in Fukashima a UK engineering company was tasked with building a piece of equipment used to disassemble and safely package the damaged fuel rods. This huge piece of equipment needed to be pressure tested in a temperature controlled environment. technickon was engaged to build one, with a removable … Read more

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Pharmaceutical Extraction Fume Hoods

We have recently designed, manufactured and validated 56No. extraction hoods to remove the fumes created by the use of Contec Prochlor (Hypochlorous Acid). The use of this spray prior to entry of the raw material into pharmaceutical compounding facilities is a new requirement but the strong odour created by evaporation of the solution has been … Read more

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Pharmaceutical Compounding Cleanroom Suite

Technickon lead the way on the conceptual design of a new state of the art compounding facility for Lloyds Home Healthcare (Derby). Engaged as cleanroom design consultants we have created a detailed performance specification, HVAC design and full fit out requirements to enable Lloyds Home Healthcare to tender the delivery of the facility. To ensure … Read more

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Vaccine Production Incubation Suite

The majority of new Clients we engage with are introduced to us when we receive the urgent phone call that something they have had built either doesn’t function as required or the performance is poor. Cost is often a major consideration when purchasing a new specialist facility and we help so many Clients through the … Read more

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Pharmaceutical Cold Room

Many of the projects we get involved with begin with removing the basic cold room that was installed, often chosen on price. When we are involved in a project we try our best to communicate the differences between a standard food cold room and a pharmaceutical grade cold room – there is often a large … Read more

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Close Controlled Pharmaceutical Cold Room

Technickon have recently handed over a close controlled walk in cold room for Quay Pharma near Chester UK. The project was tendered and therefore we had to find the ultimate solution to fit the Clients budget, the room out performed our expectations and now forms the basis of design for all future close controlled pharmaceutical … Read more

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