Cleanroom Door Interlock Systems

technickon ltd design and manufacture state-of-the-art door interlock/access systems for cleanrooms, containment suites, laboratories – in fact any critical area that requires door access control. Our designs are lower cost when compared to building a large, conventional control panel and will provide safe, functional, user-friendly, reliable control to any facility.

The technickon ltd system adopts a modular basis with each function module added depending on system operating requirements. The master controller contains the 24vdc regulated power supply unit and distribution and control board. Each door in the interlock system has a master module connected back to the master controller using one six core signal cable and all magnets, proximity switches and additional modules are interconnected locally to the master module, reducing the requirement for cable installation.

There are two fundamentally different ways to interlock doors depending on the application:-

‘Normally Open Doors’ – All dormant doors are normally unlocked – but then lock immediately when another door is opened.

‘Normally Closed Doors’ – All dormant doors are normally locked – and are then unlocked using a ‘Door Release’ device (local pushbutton) however when an interlocked door has been opened the device is disabled.


  • Fully flexible system – can Interlock 2 to 16 + doors
  • Interlocking function only or complex locking sequences with delayed time release can be achieved using the programmable control system. This is used for airlock/transfer hatch purge cycles
  • Fire alarm lock release built into all systems as standard
  • Override feature to release all magnets when operated
  • Red and green traffic lights for indication of door lock status
  • Easy and quick system installation
  • Audible sounder or visual strobe warning system used when no magnet door lock is fitted, audible alarm sounds when proceeding through a red wait light
  • Components that integrate well with any facility structure and finishes


  • Audible / visual alarm when override is activated and indicating override buttons
  • Amber wait light and lock control option for connection into a swipe card or key access system
  • Membrane overlays printed with your company name or logo (Print set up charge applies)
  • Latched override system with key reset for monitoring the operation of the override facility
  • Privacy button feature for locking a sequence of doors for change rooms
  • Audible alarm built into master module and programmed to sound if progression through a red wait light – or to warn of operation of the override facility – Can be used as a traffic light system only if magnetic locks are not required.

technickon ltd also offer bespoke solutions to suit your exact requirement.

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