Cold Room Design & Build

Technickon ltd design and build walk in cold rooms for the storage of product and material testing. These facilities are typically designed to operate between temperatures of 0°C to 5°C and we can easily achieve temperature single point control of better than +/-1°C. Where required, a special room air mixing system can be installed that can typically achieve temperature single point control of +/- 0.5°C.

Almost any combination of visual and audible devices can be integrated into the control system for display / monitoring / recording of any system parameter, while text message alarm systems can be integrated into the control strategy, for immediately informing staff direct to their mobile phones if critical parameter excursions or plant faults occur.

Structures typically use pre-manufactured plastic coated steel faced rigid polyurethane foam cored panels with thermal breaks for the walls, ceilings and doors and sometimes floors. We can also install sealed easy-clean coving if required. Double or triple glazed observation ports can be installed. These structures are hermetically sealed using a variety of modern polymer sealants, depending on product sensitivity. Finishes and seals are hygienic, easy clean and resistant to most common sterilants and fumigants.

We can supply internal storage racking in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and materials depending on client requirements.

Lighting and power requirements can be provided to suit the desired arrangement.

Features Include:

  • Modular construction using a proven Polyurethane foam panel system for maximum insulation and cleanliness (alternative core materials can also be supplied)
  • Packaged chiller units
  • Duty and Standby systems for automatic change over on HVAC failure or to allow replacement of system components whilst still maintaining environmental control
  • Insulated access doors with vision panels
  • Panic alarms integrated into the system for staff working inside the room
  • Control of lighting intensity and operational periods
  • All electrical installations are designed and installed to comply fully with current IEE regulations
  • Dedicated project management and lifetime aftercare support
  • Documented systematic commissioning, testing and validation procedures
  • Recalibration and revalidation services after initial installation
  • Custom designed and built to meet your specification

Typical applications for Walk in cold rooms:

  • Pharmaceutical product storage – Primary and compounded product
  • Product testing
  • Food storage
  • Packaging research and trials
  • Industrial environmental testing
  • Pharmaceutical walk in cold rooms
  • Athlete testing rooms

Optional equipment can include:

  • Data acquisition systems compliant to GAMP and CFR Part 11 to record all environmental parameters
  • Duty and standby systems for automatic changeover with alarm on HVAC failure or to allow replacement of system components whilst still maintaining environmental control
  • HEPA filtered air systems for achieving ISO cleanliness levels
  • Mixer fan option to reduce dead spots or stagnant air within the room.
  • Forced air circulators to reduce product cooling time.

technickon can develop a bespoke solution to suit your precise requirements.