Incubator Qualification

If you have something built how can you prove its designed, installed, operates and performs to meet every requirement to either satisfy your own requests or regulatory body?

Technickon ltd write, execute and manage our own in house qualification system to document the entire process and give you peace of mind that all of these requirements have been provided.

To be competent at writing and executing a qualification process you must fully understand regulations and technical incubator systems. We have in house expertise in all areas and the engineer that will execute the qualification process will have particular attention to detail.

Our qualification system which was designed in house has been used as a model by many QA departments operating in the pharmaceutical industry and the positive response we get from our Clients with regards to how it works is very encouraging.

Throughout the entire process we include key personnel employed by our Clients to ensure transparency throughout the entire process and only move on to the next stage when all personnel are fully signed on to the completion of the previous stage.

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