Cleanroom Design Consideration - Make Up Air

Cleanroom Design Consideration – Make Up Air

Cleanroom make up air doesn’t have to mean external air.

Cleanrooms use make up air to provide a positive pressure to adjacent unclassified areas, usually up to about 20% of the system volume.

Many (not all) cleanrooms are built within a very large warehouse.

Many (not all) locations are GMP storage facilities which means they have a degree of temperature control in place and are fairly clean spaces.

Many cleanrooms (not all) do not need to dilute the system air due to unpleasant vapours.

So why do so many (not all) cleanrooms have a fresh air duct to an external wall to draw in cold air to be heated in the winter or hot air to be conditioned in the summer and let’s not forget any bugs that happen to be flying past on their way to work get sucked into the vacuum.

A smorgasbord of decaying insects inside your cleanroom air handling unit isn’t a good look.

Using huge amounts of energy to condition external air unnecessarily during season extremes isn’t either.

Many (not all) cleanroom designers overlook this.

Make up air doesn’t have to be external air unless it’s a requirement, you can use the air in the large warehouse as make up air.

If the air in the warehouse is good enough for the warehouse staff to breath, then it’s good enough for the cleanroom staff.

We remove many fresh air ducts that run to external locations when the cooling systems cannot cope due to extreme weather – because often that part of the design wasn’t fully considered – but we know what we’re doing so before you remove it let’s have a chat.

Technickon – We have also overlooked many cleanroom design issues in the past, but only ever once and a very long time ago – your new project can benefit from our hindsight which is also called experience – we also have lots of that.

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