Cleanroom Energy Reduction

Cleanrooms are energy hungry – but there are things that can be done when new facilities are designed or upgraded. We supply air to cleanrooms at a minimum temperature of +12oC at a suitable volume to offset the heat emissions from the equipment within the room. Cleanroom equipment often utilises closed loop systems, like horizontal … Read more

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Close Controlled Stability Room Humidifier

Our hands are tied when using industry available humidifiers for close humidity control of small rooms. The costs associated with these humidifiers often means the price exceeds Clients budgets for these rooms, and bulking equipment needs to be installed in plant rooms. Oversized resistance element humidifiers or ultrasonic humidifiers which carry contamination risks and regular … Read more

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Preventative maintenance for HVAC systems

Preventative maintenance is extremely important if you want to prevent or reduce lost time due to HVAC break downs. Many new clients who contact us with an operational problem often over look the requirement of preventative maintenance and simply run the HVAC system until something breaks (reactive maintenance). It always amazes us how critical it is to get … Read more

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