Soil Sample Drying Rooms

Soil Sample Drying Rooms

Did you know that our farms soil has a finite number of growing seasons left and the clock is ticking.

After this the soil will struggle to provide nutrients for crops to grow.

This is the legacy of Intensive farming.

But like most problems, someone else is taking care of it or at least looking at what could be done and we are playing a small part in that effort.

We have been appointment by a leading testing company to design and build many sample conditioning rooms to begin the process of testing all of irelands farmlands to see what effect modern fertilisers and intensive farming is really having to enable a solution to be found.

We have a tight deadline to get the rooms built by September this year and we still aren’t quite sure how to achieve this.

Conditioning wet mud surely can’t be that hard?

We will utilise many tried and tested components used to build our pharmaceutical grade cold rooms, incubators and stability rooms to create rooms suitable for such an important project.

Mud doesn’t blend well with our big white boxes. But we still refuse to change the colour – big white boxes that hopefully work.

Technickon – never failed to find a solution in 20 years and thinking this probably won’t be the first…

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