Cleanroom Energy Reduction

Cleanrooms are energy hungry – but there are things that can be done when new facilities are designed or upgraded. We supply air to cleanrooms at a minimum temperature of +12oC at a suitable volume to offset the heat emissions from the equipment within the room. Cleanroom equipment often utilises closed loop systems, like horizontal … Read more

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Cleantainment Room

A cleanroom is the antithesis of a containment laboratory. Cleanrooms keeps things out and containment laboratories keep things in. We try to avoid the temptation to take on larger construction projects, remaining a small specialist engineering company allows us to do what we do best. But one long-standing client in Liverpool struggled to find a … Read more

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Cleanroom Ductwork Index Runs

Cleanroom Ductwork Index Runs Ever heard of an AHU that needs its fan upgraded because of a reported air volume issue? Ever had all the filters including the HEPA’s changed only to find it made little difference to the system air volumes? Ever seen pulley sets left next to an AHU and wondered why the … Read more

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CL2 Containment Lab / Cleanroom Hybrid

We have recently designed a containment laboratory / cleanroom for Qiagen in Manchester. The room was required for a new DNA amplification process being developed and escape of any replicated DNA from the area could contaminate the entire client site which would mean many other ongoing processes on site would be contaminated. We designed an … Read more

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Pharmaceutical Extraction Fume Hoods

We have recently designed, manufactured and validated 56No. extraction hoods to remove the fumes created by the use of Contec Prochlor (Hypochlorous Acid). The use of this spray prior to entry of the raw material into pharmaceutical compounding facilities is a new requirement but the strong odour created by evaporation of the solution has been … Read more

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Pharmaceutical Compounding Cleanroom Suite

Technickon lead the way on the conceptual design of a new state of the art compounding facility for Lloyds Home Healthcare (Derby). Engaged as cleanroom design consultants we have created a detailed performance specification, HVAC design and full fit out requirements to enable Lloyds Home Healthcare to tender the delivery of the facility. To ensure … Read more

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What if a transfer hatch didn’t use a hinge?

One of our Clients approached us with a project to design and build an alternative transfer hatch design for their manufacturing facility in Manchester requiring replacement of 35 trolley hatches that were constantly failing causing manufacturing delays. We also had an idea of a rotating door – why not open the door into the upper … Read more

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