Close Controlled Stability Room Humidifier

Close Controlled Stability Room Humidifier

Our hands are tied when using industry available humidifiers for close humidity control of small rooms.

The costs associated with these humidifiers often means the price exceeds Clients budgets for these rooms, and bulking equipment needs to be installed in plant rooms.

Oversized resistance element humidifiers or ultrasonic humidifiers which carry contamination risks and regular maintenance are the only real options for these small close controlled rooms.

So we invented our own close controlled steam humidifier which has now been fully tested for 12 months without the need for any maintenance.

We have overcome many operational issues with existing products commercially available and have created a virtually maintenance free small humidifier which provides safe clean steam with very precise control in close proximity to the room.

We have introduced this new technology to the industry and are now actively installing these humidifiers into our close controlled stability rooms for stability testing rooms.

The picture shows our prototype which continues to operate with no invention for the last 12 months providing close humidity control to our test room built within our factory at Maidstone.

We continue to innovate to drive down capital expenditure for our Clients and provide problem free ongoing operation of the rooms.

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