Consultants for Qiagen (Manchester)

Consultants for Qiagen (Manchester)

technickon ltd have been appointed as cleanroom / containment room design and project management consultants for Qiagen based in Manchester (UK). We are assisting Qiagen with a new large laboratory facility design and build that will be used for a new business enterprise later in 2015. technickon has the following in house technical knowledge to assist in large complex facilities:-

  • Concept design
  • HVAC design
  • Controls design
  • Facility layout design (3D drawings)
  • Project management
  • Electrical design
  • Operational advice
  • Cleanroom and containment room design and regulations
  • Building control regulations
  • Structures and finishes
  • Validation and commissioning
  • Qualification systems

We also have in house design capabilities where by if a component is required that doesn’t commercially exist we can design, test, install and commission a new component that will fulfil all of the requirements.

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