Egg Incubator for vaccine research for Astra Zeneca

Medimmune (Astra Zeneca) were looking for a bespoke incubator solution for 4500 eggs stored on trolleys – incubating eggs used to cultivate vaccines.

The rooms required close temperature and humidity control (32oC +/- 1oC and 70% +/- 5%)

They approached leading incubator suppliers who informed them that it would not be possible because their standard range did not fit the space available.

Technickon designed bespoke incubators and cold rooms using standard products from our approved and tested range providing some unique rooms that in the event exceeded their expectations of performance.

Also provided were two cold rooms with precise control – which cannot normally be achieved using standard DX refrigeration equipment in such a small space. Technickon modified standard units and integrated other novel HVAC features to provide accurate and precise control without loss of room control during the defrost cycle.

Nick Davis comments:

“Another interesting project that has added many new products to our expanding unique range of equipment for pharmaceutical cold rooms and pharmaceutical incubators. To achieve such good room control in a small space using standard DX refrigeration equipment was an exciting opportunity and worked better than expected. Since proving this unique design we have built and upgraded existing Client rooms to achieve improved conditions. We love a challenge and when we were told this couldn’t be done by our competitors we strived and succeeded to prove them wrong.”

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