Cleanroom not working? Tell us about it…

Cleanroom not working? Tell us about it…

It may surprise you to learn that in the past 10 years uk businesses spent in excess of £10m with technickon to advise, rectify and repair new facilities that simply didn’t work as required, this excludes revenue relating to facilities we have assisted with abroad especially in the Middle East.

We obviously don’t capture all work relating to rectification works for poorly designed or non functioning facilities and therefore £10m must be just the tip of the iceberg.

Our relationship journey with a new Client often begins with a search of the internet in desperation looking for assistance to resolve cleanroom operational issues that seem unresolvable usually by the cleanroom contractor that built the facility and we are always happy to assist. Once we resolve the issues often we enjoy long working relationships where we act as our Clients cleanroom consultant on all future cleanroom, GMP or critical facility projects preventing this happening again.

It’s not always the fault of the contractor, often the URS they quoted against was missing critical requirements and considerations that have to be documented before you begin the tender process – we can eliminate these type of common issues from the get-go.

With in house expertise in all aspects of cleanroom design from HVAC control systems to complex psychrometric calculations and MHRA / FDA requirements we will listen to your issues, review the installation and present you with our honest advice based on many years experience delivering leading cleanroom projects under our control.

Clients that engage with us at the concept stage of a new cleanroom facility benefit from having us sit on the professional team to ensure the facility is tendered correctly by us providing a detailed performance specification and a facility that works first time by us checking the installation has been installed and functions in accordance with our specification.

What’s more, as the project is delivered technical issues will constantly crop up and we have never failed to provide a satisfactory solution to overcome every hurdle.

But don’t take our word for it – if you need to engage with us to provide assistance with your cleanroom we will listen to the outline issues and put you in direct contact with many of our Clients where we have assisted with similar issues – because we are sure we would have seen and overcome your issue in the past, many issues are commonly repeated mistakes that can easily be resolved with the correct solution.

Don’t take a risk with your next Cleanroom project engage with technickon as your cleanroom consultant at the concept stage and we will guide you from concept to completion and prevent huge stress and financial loss that a poorly designed facility will give you, your company and your team.

Get it right first time – don’t take the risk – benefit from hindsight and engage with technickon.

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