Fukashima Nuclear Disaster Component Test Room

Fukashima Nuclear Disaster Component Test Room

Following the disaster at the Nuclear plant in Fukashima a UK engineering company was tasked with building a piece of equipment used to disassemble and safely package the damaged fuel rods.

This huge piece of equipment needed to be pressure tested in a temperature controlled environment.

technickon was engaged to build one, with a removable roof and end wall to allow the equipment to be placed within the room.

The room required very precise temperature control for a one time pressure test that lasted just 2 hours.

The room functioned perfectly for this one critical test and the machine is now being used in the clean up operation.

Unfortunately we are unable to say much more about this project but it was a pleasure to support them within a very tight programme.

Because the room was basically single use we had to engineer a solution that was low cost but still performed, we achieved the objective within record time.

Its the first time we have built something that is used for a 2 hour test and then becomes redundant. But the Client was so impressed with the room temperature control and build quality they have decided to keep it standing as a show piece because you never know if it will be required in the future.

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