Stability Chamber for conditioning of STENTS prior to irradiation

Stability Chamber for conditioning of STENTS prior to irradiation

We have designed, installed, commissioned and validated a large scale stability room for the pre conditioning of Stents prior to sterilising by irradiation.

The two large rooms required very precise temperature and humidity control and needed to be validated to ensure good control stability throughout the storage zones.

The facility was handed over 3 weeks before the deadline and far exceeded the requirements.

Utilising easily available components we modified them to achieve the required room control to ensure the cost was kept to a minimum without a reduction in performance.

Since building these rooms we have installed a total of eight rooms across Europe for similar purposes.

We were extremely pleased with the control seen and the advancements in control have become a benchmark for similar rooms used for storage, testing and conditioning of pharmaceutical products and components.

If you need a controlled environment we will have a solution or we can design a completely bespoke solution perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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