Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet (HLAF)

Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet (HLAF)

technickon have recently designed, manufactured, installed and validated 25No. 1800mm wide horizontal laminar flow cabinets for a pharmaceutical Client in Liverpool (UK).

The HLAF units were manufactured in record time and fully commissioned and validated ahead of their inspection by the MHRA.

The cabinets feature HEPA filtration to provide class 5 conditions in the working area, local and remote alarm feature for airflow failure, height adjustable tables, battery backed power supply to maintain airflow while the standby generator is starting and LED lighting to the work area.

The HLAF unit is ideal for providing ultra clean work areas for any activity or process that must be kept ultra clean and protected from airborne particulate that could be created by the operator or personnel within the room.

We manufacture and supply a whole range of bespoke horizontal and vertical laminar flow cabinets for many types of critical processes.

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