technickon ltd - Now available in southern and northern Ireland

technickon ltd – Now available in southern and northern Ireland

In the past few years technickon have been focusing on activities in southern and northern Ireland and have delivered many projects in 2022/23 having navigated the unnecessarily complex export / import processes for materials.

We have built soil sample drying rooms for research companies, cleanrooms for global pharmaceutical clients based in Ireland, cleanroom consultancy and project management for many major and large scale projects, many walk in incubation rooms (fully validated) for licensed pharmaceutical production facilities and a suite of stability rooms also for a large global pharmaceutical company.

We have also been called upon when competitors rooms fail to operate or they cease trading leaving rooms that cannot be validated, modified or repaired easily.

If you have a project in Ireland (north or south) and need a specialist engineering company to work with you the answer will always be “yes we can”.

Whilst the large pharmaceutical companies like to use our services we are just as happy to engage with smaller projects – just let us know what your requirements are and we will be happy to assist.


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