The waiting list for prospective clients continues to grow - sorry.

The waiting list for prospective clients continues to grow – sorry.

Nick Davis (CEO of technickon ltd) started his career working for a well known cleanroom construction company in the UK.

Having seen the endless mistakes and issues constantly being repeated with little or no effort to rectify the issues at the design stage and with the seemingly endless ability to resolve all issues seen with the poorly designed facilities he started technickon in 2007.

A small, niche specialist company providing the best engineered solution that always work ensuring the lessons learnt were never repeated unlike the large contractors still making mistake after mistake today.

In the last 15 years companies have spent in excess of £10 million with technickon to resolve and rectify poorly designed facilities and often the main reason was so the contractor could maximise profits.

technickon ltd is and always has been very different, we seek to ensure everything we build is designed and built correctly which is why we enjoy long standing relationships with all of our clients.

As the word spread and our reputation grew so has the number of enquiries and orders we receive which has always created a big issue for us as a business with shareholders.

Do we expand?

Nick Davis the companies founder and visionary will simply not allow it.

“If we expand we become contractors chasing money and feeding a financial machine instead of following the best engineered solution and its at that point we start to let down our clients and can no longer be classed as a specialist”


That’s what our success is based on.


Existing clients – we are always here for you (as you know)

Prospective clients – I’m afraid there may be a little bit of a waiting list for certain services we provide.


Projects before profit – possibly the biggest mistake you can ever make in running a business?


Not for technickon.


Engage with us – If its interesting we may just let you queue jump – it is always worth a phone call…





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