Vaccine Production Incubation Suite

Vaccine Production Incubation Suite

The majority of new Clients we engage with are introduced to us when we receive the urgent phone call that something they have had built either doesn’t function as required or the performance is poor.

Cost is often a major consideration when purchasing a new specialist facility and we help so many Clients through the expensive and sometimes embarrassing process of getting a poorly designed / built facility up and running because cost was the driving factor for supplier choice.

We always approach these issues with an open mind and we often enjoy long standing relationships with Clients once we have resolved the pertinent issues.

We recently received a call for a major vaccine production manufacturer in the north of England with a suite of close controlled rooms that did not pass the validation due to thermal mapping issues.

We arrived on site the next morning and viewed the rooms and were told that the entire operation was held up and at risk of not meeting current vaccine production levels.

They had been trying to resolve the issues for 2 months with various consultants pulled in from America when the facility provider simply couldn’t resolve the issue.

Many thousands of pounds had been spent but no solution could be found.

We viewed the areas and identified the issues and put forward a proposal to rectify within 48hrs.

Two days later following some small modifications we handed back the facility and the rooms passed validation without issue.

We enjoy a challenge and have worked globally on many facilities with similar issues.

If you have an under performing facility we will have the solution

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