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The corporate setting does not run out of gossips and competitions with many employees clashing different personalities and backgrounds. Everyone wants to be great at the job they do, as their performances are regularly assessed. While this is good as the company benefits from great performances, this also has a negative impact to the way employees treat one another. In this article, we will talk about ways on how to properly promote friendly competition in the workplace.

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1)Keep Team Competitions Ongoing

As much as individuals want to be praised, they should also consider that they are part of a team or department with a shared vision and goal to put out for the company. For instance, in sales, salespeople would want to have more customers to earn themselves more commissions. They may even fight for the number of clients they own and bash other sales representatives.

This then is an example of a negative effect of competition. To make the environment friendly, the management should enforce sales team credits. This implies that the success of a team counts more and can even lead to more satisfaction. The team element here would make competition against other salespeople healthy.

2)Acknowledge Winners for Efforts

When employees feel honored for their work, they will be more motivated to strive further next time and be recognized for increased potential after evaluation. When they reach greater sales quotas and close bigger successes in sales, the company would benefit and their colleagues in the team may praise them. Boosting their confidence by acknowledging them for efforts is just about as important as giving them any tangible incentive.

3)Alignment and Fairness Should be Set

There should be fair play in the workplace and everyone must play for the same goals which are aligned to the vision and mission of the company. Its good for employes to have a competent attitude, but there should also be the drive to make them leaders as well. The competition should be focused for the companys advantage and not be made for personal reasons. When one team thrives, the entire company must increase their esteem while recognizing that they are in fact working as one entity.

  • Key Takeaways

An organization is one that shares common values, goals and culture. When these values and culture become infused with competence, a company can maximize it's chance at attaining success. But, at the same time, it could lead to damaging results, cause despite the fact that friendly competition can promote the companys victory, one that's full of abrasiveness might just pull the company down. These three suggestions can be used for starters to increase team competence in the workplace.

Healthy competition against coworkers may improve the overall performance of a project or any work in the company. By having other individuals to compare against, employees will be able to know their limits and be driven to build their strengths and do something about their weaknesses.

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