Starting a Business as a Milspouse

1. Do as much as you can for free or on the cheap. I haven't made a ton of money so far, but I have made a profit. That's because I took the time to research and learn how to do almost everything related to my blog and writing business myself. Through research on the internet, I learned how to run the websites myself, do the accounting myself and write invoices myself. Military spouses are resilient and we can teach ourselves almost anything! Google, Youtube, and forums are your friends. Remember, the more things you learn how to do yourself, the less money you have to pay other people to do them for you. For example, I spent countless hours reading and learning about blogging, widgets, code, templates, plug-ins, etc. and it has literally paid off as I now offer blog consultation as a service.

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2. It's okay to charge people. No really. My Dad, also a small business owner, always told us that people will find a way to pay for what they really value. Just because you are self-employed does not mean that your services are not valuable. They are! Set up a fair price range for your services and stick by it. One thing that helps me in this area is to have a fee schedule/billing rate already established that I can easily defer to when people ask me "how much?" It takes some of the pressure off when you are working with family and/or friends.

3. Act professionally to gain respect. Get a planner. Stick by your planner. Try your hardest to meet deadlines. The first time I handed someone one of my Vistaprint cheap-o business cards and told them I started my own business, I felt like I was bluffing and they would call me out at any moment. But I kept a straight face because I wanted to give a professional appearance. The hardest part to starting out in business is self-doubt, but if you can find a way to take yourself seriously, others will follow.

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