One of the major factor that influence your blog publicity is traffic....

One of the major factor that influence your blog publicity is traffic. The more you drive traffic to your blog the more you will earn. For this reason a good blog title is a must to get ranked by the daddy of all search engine i.e. Google. Just for this reason you should do research before giving a name to your post. learnHow to write a good blog title with this simple yet complicated tricks.

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Here are the process by which I drive a massive amount of traffic to my website

  • Write title for search engine

When deciding what to write as title think as a viewer yourself. What will you type in Google to get to your site. This helps a lot. Suppose for an example what will your viewers type "how to build online traffic?" Or "Is online traffic easy to drive?"

  • Find the right keywords

The best way to find what keywords to put in title is to find for those keywords in search database. This is whereGoogle AdWordscomes handy. This tool suggests you with keywords that are searched maximum in a month on their server.

You will be surprised at the difference in search result just by changing a word.

  • Modify the title by using All in one SEO Pack- by Yoast

This plug-in helps me to modify the keywords for search result independently of what the blog consists of. This way you can have your search results modified just by changing a single word.

All these steps helped me to get ranked at position 2 in Google for"99 ways to make money using twitter". IF i hadn't used SEO tool I would have not been ranked in position 2 or even in front page.

Most bloggers don't pay attention to their title thinking that they will automatically be ranked in front page by Google. The next time when you will publish a blog post try to give importance to the title portion as that will surely help you drive more traffic to your post.

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