Avoiding Payday Loans

When an emergency arises where you are in need of quick cash, the wise approach would be to avoid the snare of payday loans altogether for an alternative.

  1. You can try talking to your creditors , particularly when you realize you will not be able to make your payment. Often just by alerting him of your situation, he can offer an extension to your due date without a late fee charge or reporting it to the credit bureau. Many will allow extend your due date without charging outrages late fees or reporting it to through a credit bureau system.
  2. You also have the option of talking to your employer . If it is allowed, he/she might be able to find extra hours at an overtime rate of pay.
  3. Perhaps you have a skill, or a hobby that can bring in extra cash . Sometimes a simple sign in the yard can alert people to a talent they might be in need of.
  4. If you ask your employer for a payday advance is, essentially, the same as a payday loan. However, this can be accomplished without additional fees and loan snares. All it takes is a talk with someone in the resource department about getting an advance toward your next paycheck. There is a possibility your company does not do this, but there is, also, the possibility that it does. The advance, of course, will lower the amount of your next check, but your company may be one that will take it back in smaller increments, thus providing a good alternative to payday loans.
  5. eBay is becoming a viable option for selling almost anything you do not want or need anymore. Personal items can be a worthy sacrifice in the long run. Some items can be taken to a pawn shop for quick sale-musical instruments, jewelry, and various types of equipment. Or, put an ad in the paper for sellable/collectibles, or a sign in the yard to advertise a garage sale one weekend unloading a number of items at once. My rags/your riches are a great alternative to payday loans.
  6. Cut out any unnecessary luxuries and prioritize your household bills (Internet, cable, gym membership, cell phone, etc.).
  7. There are many local organizations set up to help members of the community in times of need-emergency food or supplies, money gifts orcash loans. In addition, local churches, as well as, organizations such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army are places you can look to for help.
  8. Generally speaking, borrowing from family or friends is the resort just before a payday loan. Yes, they love you and want to help but, often, money/friends/family do not always turn out well and can end up in broken friendships that are just not worth it. The number one tip here is to be as diligent in paying back a friend or family member as you would the bank orpayday loan lender.
  9. For those with a steady income and relatively good credit, small personal loans are available from your bank or credit union that might require nothing more than your signature. They have good payback allowance times with lower interest rates; far better terms than a cash advances from payday loans.

10.If there is the possibility of using your card as opposed to taking out a payday loan it might be worth it. If you find yourself using your credit card for things like groceries or to repay other cards you might have gotten in over your head, so beware. Remember, you are looking for good alternatives to payday loans, and using plastic for cash can be expensive. The up side is, though their rates are high-especially for cash, they will still be lower than most payday lender. The best way to handle this situation and still have it as a good alternative to payday loans is to pay them off as quickly as possible without charging anything else, if at all possible.

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11.As credit card cash advances can be costly, it is important to use wisdom with them. Shop around for better rates and you can surely find a deal that's cheaper than a payday loan even from direct lender.

12. Consumer credit counselors are in business to help you work out your debt problems without getting any deeper in debt. They can help you manage monthly payments by getting your interest rate lowered, so seek help early in order to protect your credit score.

13.Your bank can offer you an overdraft protection so that it can pay overdraft items. Talk to a customer support rep about signing up for this program. This is a good alternative to bouncing a check and getting charged NSF and overdraft fees.

14.No one likes dipping into savings or that which has been set aside for a rainy day, but if there is a crunch this is more than likely the type of expense you would want to use your emergency funds for. The important thing to remember is if you take money from your reserve, pay it back so you have it for the next time you need it.

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