5 Unique Job Interview Strategies

As you leaf through the job postings, you know you need to convince interviewers and human resources managers that you are the best qualified for the opening being advertised. Don't be afraid to think of a hypothetical interview situation - use your imagination to dream up unusual interviewing scenarios you could face. Use these job interview strategies to help you nail that job.

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Weird Interview Questions

Brainstorm several "wild card" interviewer questions designed to delve more deeply into job candidates' personalities, creativity and self-confidence. Examples include, "Explain a database in three sentences to an eight-year-old." This question gives insights into an applicant's goals, planning skills and creativity. Think of answers to these and other "oddball" interview questions, because they could help you.

Behavioral Interview

Think back to past job situations where you needed to use specific job skills. This is another of the job interview strategies that could help in your interview. Perhaps you we're confronted with an emergency situation that needed quick thinking, a calm head and a fast decision. Write down a quick recap of how these situations developed and how your decisions resolved them.

Social Media

Your on-line presence should reveal who you are, not only as a person, but as a professional. Most organizations will, by default, do a quick web-search to see if a candidate has a virtual footprint. Sites such as Facebook should have items of "personal expression" made available to only those whom you choose (ex. The last New Year's Eve celebration pictures, or the wall writings of supporting your heart-felt political views, should not be made available to everyone!). Make sure professional social media sites, such as LinkedIn, fully depict your value-added offerings. Direct any social media interview questions to your LinkedIn information.

Curious Like a Kid

Ask for a quick tour of the office. Take a few questions with you and continue asking questions about the job and employer as you walk through the different areas of the building.

The First Date

Treat job interviews like first dates. Interviewers make up their minds based on first impressions and this happens fast. You want to make such a strong first impression that you rise to the top of the field. This is one of the strongest job interview strategies to use.

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