Bespoke incubator heaters for Blood Products Laboratories

We were contacted by BPL following a fire caused by one of their incubator room heaters. The heaters were assessed as standard wall heaters used for domestic heating with minimal safety features. Due to the small space and requirement for monitored heaters with safety cut out features technickon engineers designed and tested a compact bespoke … Read more

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45 Door Interlock System

Technickon manufacture many bespoke door interlock systems for cleanrooms and controlled environments and have just received an order to provide a door interlock system with special PLC features to a large pharmaceutical company based in Liverpool. The system features timers and remote control of 45 doors.

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Air Showers – how effective?

We have installed air showers for our Clients to comply with requests from the their Clients based in Japan and the far east. Air showers are not something often used in the UK and we question the effectiveness of the air shower. Recently we visited a Client who required air showers to all four entry change … Read more

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Cleanroom Maintenance Contract Award

Technickon have been awarded the contract to maintain 3 large pharmaceutical cleanroom facilities based in Harlow and Derby. The contract is based on the service provided over the last years which gave our customer 100% confidence in the services we can provide. Maintaining a cleanroom is not just about filter changes and simple preventative maintenance, … Read more

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Cleanroom Disaster Recovery

When a severe freak rainstorm flooded an MHRA licensed facility in Derby the race was on to rectify the situation as soon as possible. The facility was handed back one day ahead of schedule and validated the next day allowing our Clients operations to commence immediately. We also used this down time to undertake some minor modifications … Read more

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Aseptic Compounding – reducing time

We have a large Client that provides aseptic compounding. This process if undertaken with a, ISO class 5 laminar flow cabinet. The speed of this process is derived by the amount of time it takes for the liquids to drain from the primary containers into the final product storage bag – we have been asked if … Read more

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